In which a perfectly good hate-rant is ruined by the weather

I can really empathize with this.

Welcome to infinitefreetime dot com

71sUV0236aL._SL1500_So I ordered this beautiful bastard for myself last Thursday. I have been saying “I’ll order a telescope next summer” for at least two or three years now and the combination of the end of the school year, my upcoming birthday, and (at the time) the approach of Father’s Day meant that I finally cracked.

I am an Amazon Prime member, which means that I get everything shipped two-day priority.  I ordered my telescope along with a few other telescope-related items on Thursday.  It was to arrive on Saturday.

I spent all day Saturday staying in the house and waiting.  I had a bunch of things to do that day but it seemed like poor decision-making to allow the post office to leave a $500 telescope plus another $100 or so in other miscellaneous items on my doorstep, so I stayed home until it arrived.  I happened to be looking…

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