In which I have failed in my new year resolution barely a month after

In my last post, I listed some of the things in my new year resolution list, which include eating my vegetables religiously, saying my prayers and being an all round better person. I am ashamed to say that I have failed barely a month and half to my strongly worded vows. Why? You may ask. I feel generally all resolutions, be they new year or mid year types need a certain sturdiness of heart to follow through. It boggles the mind how a person can be happily married for 20 years without killing His or her spouse or walking away but fail in the simple exercise of jogging twice a week.

My contestable lack of a sturdy heart notwithstanding, I had to ruminate on the state and stage of life I found myself in. If I couldn’t follow goals I set roughly two months ago, how was I to follow my life goals. You know those white picket fence and three cows kinda goals. I grew up learning that a successful life is one scripted after well made plans and goals. This lack of goal setting and following may be seen (by some highly judgemental and successful people) as a general indication of a slothful and somewhat lazy mind. While drowning my sorrows in eba and egusi soup (a local and sumptuous Nigerian dish) with spicy pork meat, I decided to give myself a pep talk and i would like to share My words of wisdom with you, esteemed reader.

“So you gained weight instead of losing, you huff and puff when you stroll next door and your gourmet cooking still gets tossed before your guy comes home. Your reading list is empty and your calendar as regards your friends reads ” bye alligator” (My subconscious sounds like a fish wife if you haven’t noticed). Has the world stopped rotating? Have your actions caused an earthquake? Did a lion give birth because you disobeyed your rules?”

Of course my answer was No. To all the nasty, meanie (oh gosh, she used “meanie” in a published work for adults. Yes I did) questions my harpy mind could think , my answer was no. The question then begs to be asked. Why then do we spend all our days following our plans religiously, never deviating, never tiptoeing over the line?

This brings me to June, 2015,in which I have a new resolution for the year.
1. Eat fun vegetables eg carrots, ice cream, doughnuts and lots of cake
2. Call my friends if I have not heard from them in a while
3. Pray without ceasing
4. Buy a treadmill
5. Do my best all the time

Whew! I think I will start from these five. No point in biting off more than I can chew, it promising what I cannot fulfill. I will , hopefully have good news when next I post, as regards my adherence to these (not rules) fun things to do before December



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