New year thoughts and greetings

Hi everyone. Happy new year y’all. So its 2015, and I was going to have the same old resolutions I have every year. Emphasis on I was. Seeing as I struggle to meet all my resolutions every year, I decided to follow the advice given in church about setting goals. Its pretty good advice so I will share it with you guys here: All goals and resolutions can be placed under the following headings
1. Family goals
2. Spiritual goals
3. Financial goals
4. Academic/ career/ business goals
5. Material goals
Everything can be arranged under these five umbrellas. Will you be a better family member/ friend? Will you be more spiritually focused this year, join a unit in church, repent from sin and give your life to Christ? Will you plan to save more money this year, earn more, or spend more wisely?Do you have exams to write to further your career, or have to do certain certification courses? Do you have things to buy for your house, business etc?

So I plan to follow this rule in simplifying my life this 2015. I would like to hear all about your 2015 resolutions too. Here are some of mine:
1. I will try and be nicer, be a better friend and be more supportive of family and friends this year
2. I will pray more and try and be a better folower of Christ this year
3. Financially, I will like to make more money, save more, and sow more seeds in the kungdom finacially
4. I will like to  do better work wise and be more committed.
5. Materially, i will like a golden yatch, a great dane, a classic Ford and a meetijg with the President of the U.S. lol. I will also like to drop 2 sizes without exercise, develop mysteriously luxurious long soft hair, and be on the cover of Vogue before the year runs out. Lol
Till I hear frim you guys… ciao


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