The damage we do….

He breezed out of my life seven years ago. There have been many, after him, and each one has added a little piece of junk to the torrid landscape of my heart. I remember sitting down on my lumpy matress and internally railing at the unjustness of it all.’How can someone be so unfeeling and uncaring of a fellow human being’s feelings?’ I wondered. So I shut down for a while. You may wonder how that worked out for me. Just imagine a prickly hedgehog and I was your guy(or gal, lol).

It took a while, but I realised you can’t hide in your shell forever, no matter how comfy the chairs are or if you get awesome cable tv! These days, I am practically living again. I work, have an awesome man, and great and uplifting friends, yet sometimes all it takes is a word and I am back to that scarred, untrusting girl, ready to assume the worst and protect myself immediately. I counter the ugliness by reciting to myself all the good things that surround me, how I can choose to end the ugliness and see life’s beauty instead, and how nobody has the power to do such damage again, unless I give them that power and I wonder sometimes, wherever you are… if you look back and remember the damage you did…

I wonder if we look back and remember our unkind words, our derogatory statements and inhumane attitudes to one another… and know that seeds of meanness sprout quickly and are difficult to kill, that one mistep can ruin a young life, and that hearts are meant to be treasured not stomped upon..



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