For Akinrinade…
I used to think you were an island,
A little city with your own rules and roads
You are that and more…

I used to walk on the beach of your heart,
Wonder how you kept it pristine all these years.
Was it the mountains brooding continually against your borders?
Or the wild cold air you wrapped around you, freezing out strangers?

You had your own sun
That was fine with me ‘cos your sun is my staying light.
I could walk your city forever and not get bored.

But you are not just a city
You are a world of constellations and stars
You are surrounded by sister moons and brother asteroids
Your parents are a galaxy, your friends sparkling stars.

Take me into your world
Let me dip my fingers in your oceans
Sit in green foliage and listen to lions roar in your soul

You are a city and a world
My city and my world
Let’s merge and in joining
Become a new planet


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