two poems: satin and dependence


I am a violin

Beneath you

Bowed like an old magician

You play me

With deft fingers


I am satin

Around you

Sweet soft chocolate with oil

You wear me

With gentle hands


I am air,

Wind and sky

To you

Firm earth

With strong arms


I am nothing,

No one, no thought

With you

You draw my soul

With yours


I am falling

On you

Swiftly, like a hunter’s falcon,

You catch me with love


He was her passport to the world

Her ticket to sunshine

Her plane to the Bahamas


He was her Rock of Gibraltar

Her solid ground in the marsh

Her anchor in a stormy world


He held her up

Kept her from drowning

Kept them afloat


Alone, she was a flailing goddess

An alien on earth,

A sinking ship without a captain


She struggled briefly

tried hard to survive,

before deep waves covered her head


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