In her dreams, his eyes were kind. He didn’t look anything like they had told her. Instead of fear at his power, all she felt was a warm assurance of safety. This man would protect her, she knew. Nothing would harm her on his watch.

He loved to see her smile. It had been missing for too long, her smile. If she had an inkling the dragons he would slay for her, she would throw her fears to the wind and soar.
She had expected a toga or a halo or something Israel-ish. This man was in pale blue jeans and a well- worn t-shirt. She wondered if he was a Levi’s man or Roebocks. She blushed just thinking about it but he smiled and winked “I’m kinda partial to Levi.”

Silence… What do you ask the man of your dreams when you finally meet him, she wondered. Nervously, she ran her hands through her hair. It was embarrassingly tangled and greasy and she shuddered at what he must think of her. Smiling, he caught her nervous hands and pulled her to sit down.
‘I have been waiting all my life for you.’ He whispered and she blinked from the sudden intensity in his eyes. Whatever she would have replied was cut short when she was jerked back by searing pain. He started getting all blurred up and she struggled to stay.
‘What’s happening?’ she shouted
He smiled again and whispered ‘Soon’
The pain cut through again and she had to gasp out her next question ‘What’s your name?’
She barely heard his reply before she was shocked back to life.

Ten years later…
She had broken her ribs twice, punctured a lung once (thank God), and had so many bruises and scars all over she had lost count. She had seen him each time she had to go for surgery. His eyes were still beautiful, he had moved from baggy jeans to the popular skinny ones and he still loved her. Her real life sucked but with him she could just be. Oh, she wished she could do better with her life and make him proud but real life just sucker punched her once she got back.
Lately, however he had been getting impatient with her. His eyes still showed love but he was beginning to fade. These days he looked like a holographic image that was losing juice. She was sorely disappointed but not shocked when he didn’t show up the next time she broke her collar bone.

Five years later…
Her life was on track. She had quit getting into accidents. Not because he wasn’t going to come back but because she felt she drove him away with her irresponsible disregard for her life. She had spent many hours thinking about it. He must have been so hurt to see her trying to throw away what he suffered so hard for.
She was driving home from work when she saw him. He had on shorts and a black fitted teeshirt. His back was turned to her but she just knew he was the one. She dreamt about him that night.
‘It’s such a relief to see you without the whole near –death thing’. He said this with such a straight face that she had to laugh and agree with him.
‘Why did you leave?’
Sighing, he ran his fingers through his mohawk. ‘I left because you were not living life with joy. You were just enduring’.
Stung, she retorted ‘But I’m better now’. That made him smile.
‘I saw you yesterday’, she blurted out. He smiled again, wider and tugged on an earlobe.
‘You still don’t get it, do you?’
‘Get what?’
Your dreams, real life, wherever… I am never far from you. I love you.’
Grinning harder now, he whispered ‘Look inside and you’ll see why’
Then she woke up. Ten years ago, she would have broken something to see him again. Now, she just smiled. He loved her…he was always with her… There was nothing to worry about.


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