For Victor

I. Sweetness

You remind me

Of chocolate

Sweet, thick and creamy

Of summer’s end

Rain drenched sheets in candle night

Of breathlessness

Weightless loss of control


You remind me

Of laughter

Crippling fear of deep things

Of rushing brooks

Racing hearts speaking softly

Of chocolate

Sweet, thick, dark chocolate


II. Wants

I want to

Trace an eyebrow

Brush an ear

Deep my fingers in the cool stream of your soul


I want to

Be singed by your blazing heat

Curl my toes beside yours

Listen to the sweet beat of your heart


You make me want to

Throw a lifetime of caution away

Dance with you under starlight

Brush my lips across yours


You make me want to

Talk all day long

Sit and say nothing

Wrap my arms around you


I want to

Dive into silk sheets

Drown in sensations

Believe in things forgotten


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