10 great tips for getting over heartbreak

1. Cry, especially if he or she was worth it.  Cry also, if they were not cos you probably just wasted your time 2. Buy a giant bowl of icecream and watch sad soap operas while sitting in dirty pajamas and cleaning snot from your nose 3. Get disgusted with yourself for wasting valuable time crying over spilt milk 4. Get a massage, pedicure, facial, and manicure.  Make sure your nàils are painted tomato red and are long enough to gouge your ex’s eyes out . lol 5. Buy a hot black dress and strappy heels(a new pair of jeans … Continue reading 10 great tips for getting over heartbreak

The damage we do….

He breezed out of my life seven years ago. There have been many, after him, and each one has added a little piece of junk to the torrid landscape of my heart. I remember sitting down on my lumpy matress and internally railing at the unjustness of it all.’How can someone be so unfeeling and uncaring of a fellow human being’s feelings?’ I wondered. So I shut down for a while. You may wonder how that worked out for me. Just imagine a prickly hedgehog and I was your guy(or gal, lol). It took a while, but I realised you … Continue reading The damage we do….

silk chess

Life’s chess board Life moves my pawn to the dungeons I rally, Cut swaths in the ranks with my knight   Life subpoenas my queen Makes her cry My bishop overthrows the decree   Life stalemates my king I save him, loose a rook   Life plays I retaliate Over and over and over and…   Neither getting tired The years roll by Bringing a new game each day   Silk bath She slept and dreamed Of snakes and silk Intertwined   She turned and tossed In cool sheets Soft and smooth   She stretched her hands Felt for her … Continue reading silk chess


Take a bow, my friend Laughing stock of the village Pea- hen with no roost Empty cocoon Take a bow, my friend Cradle- thief Child- stabber Betrayer-who-impregnated-his-friend’s-wife You have done well, my friend That which cuts the tongue Rabid skeleton with no shame Cursed soothsayer of no lineage Your sins are many, my friend Your tongue is bad Your breath is foul Hopeless disgrace to the royal house Take a bow, my friend Take a final bow Before you die For you have done well Continue reading Sarcasm

two poems again….

Sadness A light veil A shadowed drop of rain; A blanket Morning mist; A creeping vine Poison ivy I shake it off Like sleep; Dew on the flowers Flies on food; Bee stings A comforting hand A cloak Hungry locusts; A famished wolf A lion; A shroud An eiderdown Sadness…. I am I am Moon child, Fire; I am Deep darkness, Air ; I am A rosebush A thorn Star light; I am Devouring locusts War drums Man; I am A tomb; A womb Resting place; I am All things pure All things foul Life; Continue reading two poems again….

For Victor

I. Sweetness You remind me Of chocolate Sweet, thick and creamy Of summer’s end Rain drenched sheets in candle night Of breathlessness Weightless loss of control   You remind me Of laughter Crippling fear of deep things Of rushing brooks Racing hearts speaking softly Of chocolate Sweet, thick, dark chocolate   II. Wants I want to Trace an eyebrow Brush an ear Deep my fingers in the cool stream of your soul   I want to Be singed by your blazing heat Curl my toes beside yours Listen to the sweet beat of your heart   You make me want … Continue reading For Victor


Oh God! Bless my soul Me woodpecker’s at it again! Thunk! Thunk! Ploink! Ploink! Knowest it not that it hurts? Flip the blinds Close the door Me woodpecker’s at it again! Boring a hole A new sitting room Me knowest not what to do! Bring out the pills! Swallow them all Me woodpecker’s at it again! Carving a niche Stocking supplies At my wits end I am! Knocking me brain Scattering me skull Me thinks I’ll just go back to bed! Continue reading Headache

i am interested in you…and i am not a rose

I am interested I am interested I find you interesting You interest me I am interested In you Your silence interests me Shy bouts of chatter in three languages I find you interesting Your mind interests me Clear glass honed into deadly precision You interest me Your hobbies interest me Your eyes, chocolate behind lilac shades Interest me Your mouth interests me Sensual bow with a manly curve Your hands are interesting Delicate artist cum surgeon hands Oh, boy! I am interested I find you interesting You interest me I am not a rose I am not a rose That … Continue reading i am interested in you…and i am not a rose

two poems: for a man and a child

Your heart is safe with me There is strength in you, A sweet deep well of chocolate Your heart is safe with me, my dear I will not trample it underfoot Like ignorant swine There is great hurt in you, A sad, tired soul I will hold it with awe Treat it with infinite care Like a babe in its mother’s arms I feel the joy in you Fierce mirth The quiet stream over rocks I will cradle it tenderly Nurture it patiently I hear your heart Am entranced by it I will carry it everywhere I go Treasure it … Continue reading two poems: for a man and a child


My memories of you Are my building blocks Each incident A coloured brick Every word The cement that glues the bricks My memories of you Are like the pages in a book Each action A talking picture Every gesture The binding that runs through the book My memories of you Are landscape paintings in glowing frames Each look A kaleidoscope of colours in a meadow Every kiss Life-form giving paint My memories of you Are sun rays peeking beneath blue clouds Raindrops splattering on receptive soil Sugar and spice and all things nice Darkness and dungeons and deep despair Silk … Continue reading Memories